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Olivier creates community by creating events. Often those events involve playing various kinds of games. When he first came into the Vancouver kink scene, he created the Vancouver Geeky and Kinky munch which he has since moved on from. 

Today, the VG & K as it’s known is a thriving event on its own where people get together to play board games. While the underlying idea is that everyone playing is at some level curious about or interested in kink, my experiences there have been ones primarily about playing board games. There’s something relationship building in our brains when we experience fun, excitement, and curiosity. In a sense, there’s something relationship building about problem solving with someone even if you’re not on the same team.

I’ve been thinking about relationships: how are they fun and exciting? How are they about solving problems? If you know you’re on the same team, even when you’re not trying to solve the problem the same way, to what extent can relationships be opportunities for problem solving rather than suffering?

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