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Orientation is for some, a lifelong struggle. Others rarely question it beyond their teenage years. I define orientation as the gender presentations to which one is attracted. Others might define it as the gender identities to which one is attracted. Others still might define it as the sexes to which they’re attracted. The distinction here is: are you attracted to what their internal idea of their gender is, to how they present their gender – the shape of their secondary sexual characteristics, or to the sexual organs themselves regardless of the shape of their body or their idea of what their gender is.

I’ve had people on Intimate Interactions like Gavin, Levi and others who I think have had many years of reflection to make decisions about their gender and have been actively exploring what a non-binary space looks like for them.

Today I bring on Irene, someone just beginning her journey into sexuality, orientation, kink, non-monogamy, and gender. Let’s explore what that looks like for her, here on Intimate Interactions.

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