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Hello Intimates,

Have you ever wondered what life might look like if you grew up in a different culture? Would you have the same religion? Values? Cultural beliefs? Relationships? It’s amazing how much of our lives seems chosen while it might be more circumstantial than we’d like to admit.

This is the first time I’ve done an episode with a partner of someone from a previous episode. Today, Starship Jones, a mixed race relationship anarchist offers his perspective on relationships. I ask a few questions about his relationship with Professor Meow, the hierarchical polyamorous guest from the episode Hierarchy. Just as mono-poly relationships are possible, so too can hierarchy-RA relationships, though in both cases likely not without complication.

We talk about hierarchy, polyamory, relationship anarchy, gender, and much much more. We briefly get on the topic of bill C-16 while discussing gender as we both enjoy sidebar conversations. As later promised, I’ve included the link to read the one page bill C-16 that received Royal Assent meaning it is already or will shortly become law. In my view, it’s excellent legislation and if you don’t agree, please read the one page itself before committing to an opinion as it has been said to criminalize far more than in my view it actually does. A lot has been suggested about it that I believe to be false and I’m confident if you read the legislation itself, it’ll become clear how few changes it actually makes and how much wild and in my opinion inaccurate speculation there has been about how those changes will be applied. And if you disagree as you are invited to do respectfully, feel free to leave comments on the Intimate Interactions Facebook group or if you’re a patreon supporter, on the patreon page.

Let’s go to the session with Starship Jones

Bill C-16 Achieving Royal Assent

Starship Jones