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Hello Intimates!

What’s your relationship like with your own body? Is it intimate? Do you love your body? Do you love yourself? These are foundational questions in body positivity and improving your self relationship. How about your relationship to sex? To sexual organs? To the bodies that arouse you?

In our reflections on body positivity, rope bondage comes up. Rope bondage can be asexual for many people including myself. Often we can do rope and connect with people with whom we’re not sexually attracted to as a result. Sometimes it’s an intense, intimate exchange of energy that isn’t so much physical as it is psychological. That is to say a physical skill is used to produce psychological asexual effects. The motivations behind why people pursue asexual BDSM are varied and plentiful and I won’t go into them here.

Asexuals or aces aren’t well covered in this conversation, so my apologies to you if you’re towards that end of the spectrum be it asexual, those who don’t really find themselves fed by sex; autosexual, those who might masturbate but be uninterested in sex with others; graysexual, those who are somewhere between sexual and asexual.  mostly asexual but if the stars align in the right way at the right time, they might make an exception; or any other sexuality under the asexual umbrella.

Body positivity is for everyone and I hope to cover this topic from a variety of different perspectives. Professor Meow, hashtag not a real professor, gives us her queer, white, femme, kinky, 22 year old perspective. It’s valuable and informed by her life experience. I guess a great follow up question to think about for those of you who are older is: have your answers changed since you were 22 and how?

This podcast session was edited towards the end to redact sensitive information. Now, let’s get Professor Meow’s reflections on body positivity while we listen to Intimate Interactions.


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