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Hello, Intimates!

In this episode, I interview Piper, a former partner and current relationship anarchist. We focus on what works for each of us and how we make what it work. We also acknowledge what didn’t work. 

When the phrase relationship anarchy is brought up, it’s important to mention it means something different to everyone. I usually remind folks that anarchy isn’t about not having rules at all but about not following rules one didn’t participate in creating and agree to follow. Communities come up with what works for them and everyone agrees to whatever social contract they want – however large (think region with laws) or small (think five or six people living on a farmhouse with expectations of chore sharing, etc).

So too with relationship anarchy does it not mean the absence of order but rather a custom relationship structure where all involved people participate in any rules, principles, or values. It is a little more work, but yields a totally custom structure.

I am even friends with monogamous relationship anarchists. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself though. I’m excited to share with you this special session of Intimate Interactions.