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Ageism is a word that gets used today to mean discrimination against someone based on how old or young they are. It also can mean discrimination against people in relationships based on how old or young they are relative to their partners.

Normativity around sexuality pretty much comes down to the question “is it okay to be who I am?” – and provided you act on that identity in a consensual fashion, I think the answer should always be yes. If the identity cannot be consensual in most practice (think pedophilia), it’s in my opinion important to pursue counselling or other support that doesn’t involve harming others and prevents or assists you from harming others. Even if people fight you tooth and nail for your right to exist, you do exist. If something is an identity and not a choice, it’s important to come to acceptance in order to move forward.

You deserve to be here and there are people who will accept and love you. There are people who will support you being the healthiest version of yourself.