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Thanks for your support, kyrions (closest I could get to gender neutral patron!) I’m hoping to go to a publishing schedule on the 14th and 28th of the month for Community Accountability Processes but have been afraid of making the commitment with how much I’m taking on.

I’ve been working hard on accountability processes. As time goes on, I revise earlier sections as I add new ones. It seemed like H didn’t publish correctly the first time but I’ve gone back and added the content so H and I are both out now. I’m currently working on inquiries. I feel like I’ve skipped a lot of content but also that a skeletal first draft might be necessary before I pencil in the details (so I don’t get too stuck on the details right now).

Thanks again for your belief in my ability to produce meaningful deliverables. I really believe this work will be helpful in the Vancouver scene and if we can make it work here, it could be released wherever it’s helpful.