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Hey everyone! 

At some point, I’ll likely limit Discord access but consider COVID-19 and folks’ needs for community and contact, to all of those generous folks who are supporting me, please feel free to drop in on Discord sometimes using our Intimate Interactions Community server here and say hi.

It’s pretty small right now, but I am going to be starting a role playing game in a setting I’ve been designing and building myself (more to come about that later including world maps).

Normally I don’t make open invites to such games as they tend to be smaller, more intimate affairs, but if there’s interst among my patreons, I’m currently looking for a couple of players, so feel free to reach out and express interest. If the group likes you, we may take you in.

The first story is this coming Thursday called “Lady in the Water” where an Avatar of the goddess Pacifica will literally walk out of the water carrying children of the ocean as a gift to your village. You’ll be playing in a post apocalyptic future on some planet ruled by gods and goddesses. Everything has a science-based backstory including the magic on the planet. It’s going to be a good time!

Talk to you soon,