I consult with organizations like the BC Center for Disease Control. My experience on the board of directors with Metro Vancouver Kink as a person of colour for nearly a decade makes me one of a select group of consultants in Vancouver uniquely positioned to understand anti-oppression involving kink, LGBTQ+, polyamory, relationship anarchy, and race.

The POC community is incredibly diverse meaning I can only speak for my own experiences as a light skinned mixed race person. I have taken on a lot of anti-oppression volunteer work in my time including founding Colourful Kinksters of Vancouver, a well attended group that built community through discussion groups and other culture building activities. I sat on a panel to discuss racism at the Westcoast Bound 2019 convention. We tried to address racism in the culture of my community. Initiatives to change culture aren’t easy but it starts with a consultation. How serious is your organization about shifting its culture?

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